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According to Squarcini, Hollande Should Meet Mohammed VI

January 16, 2015

By Abdelkader El-Aine

Translated from French

The former head of the French intelligence service, Bernard Squarcini, said this morning on Radio Classique that France had “underestimated the state of crisis” with Morocco. He invited President François Hollande to go to Morocco to meet with King Mohammed VI.

Guest Classic Radio this morning hosted Bernard Squarcini to discuss the recent attacks in France as well as terrorist threats to the world. He discusses in his remarks the errors committed by the French intelligence services, citing the lack of cooperation with Morocco. “We lost big allies,” he laments.

Regarding the cooperation between Morocco and France in the security sphere, Squarcini states that, “with Morocco everything is suspended.” He cited the effectiveness of the Moroccan services after the Argana café attack in Marrakesh on April 28th 2011, which killed 14 people including 8 French. 

“Remember, we had a major attack in Marrakech. Very good international cooperation with Morocco resulted in the arrest of the perpetrator of the attack.”
When asked whether he “wants” French President Francois Hollande to meet with King Mohammed VI, the security expert straightforward answers in the affirmative. “I think, he has said, we underestimated the state of the crisis with Morocco.”